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Are you looking for fitness programs near you? Healthplex designs dynamic & result driven programs for the Clifton Park community.

What us different? Our staff members are constantly looking for new ways to create activities to help you improve you overall health & fitness.

Corporate wellness

Corporate Wellness

Did You Know? 70% of the healthcare costs in the United States are preventable?According to the American Heart Association, we lose $32 billion a year because of premature illness associated with cardiovascular disease like high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity.

  • Create a happier, healthier workforce

  • Improve your recruitment brand

  • Reduce absenteeism & disability time

  • Improve productivity & morale

  • Reduce staff turnover

  • Reduce the cost of medical claims

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Desk survival

The Desk Survival Program

Our mission is simple – to help destroy the pain and anguish that comes from the sedentary lifestyle. If you’ve spent any length of time working at a desk, or in a seated position. you understand the toll it takes on your body. At some point a sedentary lifestyle is going to cause you to experience some sort of pain.

  • Posture problems causing nerve impingement issues

  • Low back pain and Disc Herniation symptoms

  • Carpal Tunnel symptoms and other Hand/Wrist related issue

  • Hip and Sciatica issues

  • Foot/Ankle and Knee problems from work attire and footwear

  • Stress, Anxiety & Sleep Deprivation

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