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Golf fitness at Healthplex in Clifton Park is ready to improve your game.

Pro players agree that strength, mobility, and balance training is essential to help beginners, intermediate, and elite amateur players. Working with a Healthplex coach reduces your chance of injury, decreases current aches and pains, increases distance, and improves your overall experience as a player. You can start today working privately or bring a few of your golfing buddies along to participate in a group.

Golf On Course Programs

‚ÄčThese tailored 8 week programs dissect every aspect of your game in a fun group setting of like minded gold player. Our coaches work inline with golf pros' to design a program that increases strength, mobility, and balance, that will complement to your on course game. Included in the package are:

  • 8 group training sessions

  • 8 week individual workout program to follow based on your needs

  • Full Golf Fitness Assessment, including Functional Movement Screen, and Corrective Exercises for stability and back/shoulder resilience

  • 2 Group Golf Lessons with Adam Catanzarite, Head Golf Pro and Director of Van Patten Golf Club, with Swing Analysis.

  • Free Round of Golf at the end of the program