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HealthPlex Fitness delivers fitness for kids to Clifton Park;

it's fun to get healthy

We are driven to improve the health, wellness, and overall outlook for adolescents, pre-teens, and teens. Kids this age need physical activity to build strength, coordination, and confidence, plus to lay the groundwork for a healthy lifestyle. They're also gaining more control over how active they are. Young kids should have many chances to participate in a variety of activities, sports, and games that fit for their personality, ability, age, and interests. You would be surprised how many kids won't mind a daily dose of fitness, as long as it's fun!

Work With A Trainer

Working with a HealthPlex Fitness trainer has brought joy to hundreds of kids in the Capital Region. Our trainers approach working with children with care & professionalism as they teach them the basics of movement & overall health. Studies show that the younger you are the more adapt to learning you are, so we believe the earlier we can get our youth into fitness the better.

Join a Group

Kids need to work together & develop teamwork skills early on in their lives. Every session our coaches go over not only the proper way to workout, but we teach discipline and the ability to work with others. You kids will leave each group accomplished and ready for a nice long nights sleep.

Sport Specific Training

HealthPlex Strength & Conditioning takes sport specific training to another level by developing programs that will enhance young athletes ability to perform. Check out our HPSC Group Schedule!